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Ask not, say not.
In silence lies everything.

— Fortune cookie


Sports and Other Pastimes
R.T. Jamison



aron, looking at Dan, thinking of Richard, “What is it?”

Amy, trying not to judge, chiding herself, says, “A game. Things you say but never do.”

Karon, looking into her sink, her QVC dishes, “Oh. Just say it?”

Amy, thinking of her own kitchen, her Lennox, “Yeah. It’s fun.”

Dan, his back to the dinner table, eyes on a Cardinals game, “Floss.”

Amy, thinking of MSG and transfat and second-hand smoke, smiles and says, “Arrive on time.”

Karon, returning to the table, lighting another cigarette, “Sympathize.”

Richard, not looking at Amy, thinking confess, says, “Empathize.”

Dan, moving to his recliner, the back of his T-shirt declaring NoBama, says, “Vote.”

Amy, scolding herself again, “Don’t judge books by their covers.”

The full story appeared in

Vol. 41 No. 1 (Fall 2012)


Founded in 1960, Sou'wester is published by
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville.

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